Hi, I’m Dawid Majewski and I’m the one behind the music for Dark Envoy. I first worked with Event Horizon when I created the OST for Tower of Time. And while I am glad about the way the soundtrack turned out, I am convinced that the musical experience in Dark Envoy is more mature and much better in quality – both in terms of composition and production.

I compose and produce over 90 minutes of music for DE, which is mostly a combination of orchestral sounds and electronic music, spiced with original ethnic instruments from around the world, such as: Asian and African bamboo flutes, Indian Sarangi, Mongolian Morin Chuur, Chinese Banhu, Armenian Duduk, medieval Hurdy Gurdy and many more. All these instruments were recorded live in the studio to create an even more realistic experience.

The principle ‘less is more’ is my motto when I make music. My aesthetic is mostly minimalist and I prefer a spacious, ambient approach when it comes to creating musical landscapes. However, I am also not afraid to use punchier, sometimes even disturbing sound to create matching atmosphere for combat scenes. But the right balance between musical layers and sound design is becoming more and more important for me. I often draw inspiration from the similar approach of Sarah Schachner, Lorne Balfe, Jesper Kyd or Greg Dombowski.

I’m proud of the unique world we’ve created with the whole team, and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming release.

I hope you’ll enjoy the soundtrack.

Till later’ (in your headphones)!


Category: News • 21 April 2022