Hello everyone!

My name is Stachu, and I am responsible for the design and creation of the VFX for Dark Envoy. Before I got into the video game industry, I worked as a fashion photographer, but one day I realized that I did not feel challenged anymore. I started learning how to program, and my goal was to become a game developer. After months of practicing and gaining experience, I joined one of the biggest game modding projects, Fallout Cascadia. I went on a few different adventures until I ended up working with the Dark Envoy team. So, here I am – a guy who traded taking pictures of beautiful people in nice clothes, for a deep RPG with guns and spells!

It’s been a while since we last reported on the game’s development, but there’s a lot going on in our studio. Production is moving forward, and we thought you’d like a look behind the scenes of Dark Envoy.

We like to call our game a Guns N’ Sorcery action-RPG adventure with flashy real-time combat. But you cannot have combat without stunning visual effects. In Dark Envoy, you will find at least 120 different abilities, 56 passive skills (and about 64 unique equipment enchants). We want the battles to feel unique every time you start a new game.

I will come back soon with more details about VFX for skills, but now it’s time for glitter and sparkles to prove that we take it seriously.

Category: News • 16 December 2021